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  1. Experience the power of Molecular Hydrogen

    Recovery with HydroFX Hydrogen-Generating Alkaline Minerals 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX is a unique blend of redox-active, hydrogen-generating alkaline minerals. The patent pending process used to create HydroFX was developed by a PhD, Chemist and Scientist with 30 years experience in this field. Breakthrough Proprietary Formula This breakthrough proprietary formula has been clinically tested to release […]

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  2. 7.2 Green Caps

    100% Organic – 100% Whole Food – Highly Alkalising – Naturally Energising – Convenient And Easy To Swallow Capsule The SevenPoint2 Green Caps are a revitalising essential supplement, designed to feed the body the nutrients it needs to help you achieve an alkaline lifestyle. SevenPoint2 Green Caps are packed with plenty of healthy green super […]

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  3. SevenPoint2 Alkaline Booster

    We all love to eat good food especially when it tastes great, there is nothing better than to indulge in the delicious, but unfortunately our favourite foods often cause the most acidity to the body. Now on those occasions when you know you shouldn’t but you go ahead and enjoy it anyway, things have just […]

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  4. SevenPoint2 Shake

    Something for Everyone This Shake Is For You: People who are sensitive or allergic to dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, egg, artificial colours, sweeteners, or MSG. Body-builders or someone who needs an excellent source of protein. (it’s packed with 21 grams of plant protein) Health conscious people who like to keep an Organic, non-GMO and Vegan […]

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  5. Recovery with Hydro FX

    Article By – DR RANGA J PREMARTNA: Molecular Hydrogen research is at the cutting edge of medical research investigating scientific solutions to oxidative stress, and the resulting chronic degenerative diseases, accelerated ageing and other acid-base related diseases. Hydrogen gas and water enriched with hydrogen have being studied at major research institutions as a treatment for […]

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  6. Treatments & Protocols

    **There are no contraindications with Recovery with HydroFX and any medications. It is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers as well as children. It has been tested safely in therapeutic doses of 25 tablets per day for long-term use** Recovery is best taken on an empty stomach Tension Headaches – Start with 2 tablets of […]

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  7. The Uses for SevenPoint2

    DR HOWARD COHN TALKS TO SYDNEY – Via Skype HOW AND WHEN TO USE THE SEVENPOINT2 PRODUCTS Dr Cohn speaks at the inaugural event in Sydney, Australia, via Skype. He talks about his career and how he embraced the concept of keeping the body alkaline. He tells us how he and Jason Boreyako met and […]

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  8. Dark Blood Microscopy – Recovery with HydroFX

    Fast Blood Transformation See The Difference After Just Five Minutes Of Taking 7.2 Recovery With Hydrofx In this video there is a good explanation of what is going on in someone’s blood, before and after taking three pills of 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX (molecular hydrogen) After just five minutes the blood cells show a very […]

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  9. Chiropractor

    CHIROPRACTOR SHARES EXPERIENCE OF SEVENPOINT2 RECOVERY WITH HYDROFX A fifth generation chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Murphy-Mrave from Chicago, helps her Patients who are in pain by giving five recovery tablets in the waiting room. Amazingly they all show decreased pain scores by the time they see the doctor. They see the benefits immediately and this has […]

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  10. Microscopies

    Ted Alosio-Dark Field Microscopist Ted Alosio is a highly respected author of three books on Health and Live Blood Analysis. In his Canadian practice he has performed over 30,000 assessments. He has promoted alkalinity to his patients for many years and has seen the amazing effects in the blood that a change towards an alkaline […]

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"I am utterly convinced that Alkaline/Acid plays a big part in many illnesses, in my case cancer. I don’t want it again." Read More - Janet Thompson

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