Diabetes – Vegetables Raw & Juiced – 30 days to Reverse

We have just started a 30 day Raw Vegetable and Juice fast. The purpose for several is to lose weight and for 2 to reverse diabetes. We will up date as we progress. I followed Dr Gabriel Cousins in his program for reversing diabetes and it worked a treat for me. One of my close friends and I did the 30 day juice as in the movie “Sick Fat and Almost Dead” and we lost 28kg in the 30 days which is incredible but true. So we will keep adding to this and let you know how we are going.

We are taking 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX, Green Caps for nutrition boost and Booster Caps for higher alkalinity. We are also drinking alkaline water

We started on Thursday 21st November and this is day 2 almost over. Feeling great and heaps of energy.

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"I am utterly convinced that Alkaline/Acid plays a big part in many illnesses, in my case cancer. I don’t want it again." Read More - Janet Thompson

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