Molecular Hydrogen

“The use of hydrogen for acute and chronic medical conditions is
rapidly being eclipsed by the use of hydrogen for health
maintenance, exercise and physical performance, as well as aging”

Dr. Garth Nicolson

Emeritus Professor of Molecular Pathology has published over 600 scientific
papers focusing on cancer biology and aging in America.


H2 Renu produces significant levels of molecular hydrogen in water. Scientific studies show that Molecular Hydrogen has many therapeutic benefits, which include the following:

Reduces chronic pain
& inflammation
Reduces recovery time from
strenuous work and exercise
Neutralizes harmful free radicals >
reduces oxidative stress >
reduces disease
Research suggests promising
implications for anti-aging
Improves exercise performance & endurance Boosts production of the body’s own natural antioxidants


More than 600 studies and review papers have been published in scientific and medical journals supporting the benefits of H2 for more than 170 human diseases. With 1,600 researchers worldwide studying H2, the evidence builds daily. The scientific findings include:

Neutralizing free radicals targets the source or disease rather than treating symptoms… no free radicals -> reduces oxidative stress -> reduces chronic inflammation -> reduces disease formation.
H2 selectively neutralizes the most harmful free radical (hydroxyl radical), converting it to water.
H2 leaves beneficial free radicals alone which are required by the body for normal function…other antioxidants are unable to do this.
H2 is the smallest molecule (1/88 of the mass of Vitamin C) allowing it to be effective in sub-cellular compartments such as the mitochondria that other antioxidants and supplements have difficulty reaching.
H2 helps the body produce (upregulate) natural antioxidants such as glutathione, catalase, and superoxide dismutase.
H2 helps athletes by reducing lactate production and by allowing for faster recovery from workouts.
Unlike other antioxidants, no evidence has been found that you can take too much H2.

Tyler LeBaron

Founder and Executive Director of
Molecular Hydrogen Foundation

While hydrogen’s antioxidant effects have been the primary focus of hundreds of studies since the 2007 Nature Medicine publication, I’m more intrigued by the studies suggesting that hydrogen regulates various signal transduction pathways. Although the exact underlying molecular mechanisms and primary targets of hydrogen remain elusive, hydrogen may regulate these pathways via modifying lipid peroxidation cascades, protein phosphorylations, and gene expressions, resulting in anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and potential anti-aging benefits. Due to the clinical significance of hydrogen, the goal of the science-based nonprofit Molecular Hydrogen Foundation (MHF), is to help advance the research, education, and awareness of hydrogen as a therapeutic medical gas.


Place One (1) tablet in 16 oz bottle of water or your favorite non-carbonated beverage and cap tightly. Wait 15-20 minutes before consuming. Recommended to take 1 tablet twice a day.


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