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Home Enema Kit, Enema Supplies & Coffee Enema Recipe

NOTE:- Catheter Tube provided in the kit is PVC

Have you ever wondered about having an enema but didn’t know where to start?

Worried about enema being dirty or unclean?

Firstly, let me say that enema is neither of these things. Colonic irrigation and enema is a topic that many people shy away from, but really, there is no need for this.

Hi, my name is Ken and I was certainly a bit cautious about buying my first enema kit. There was surprisingly little information available, and I wasn’t able to find any suppliers in New Zealand using the internet. I ended up purchasing from the other side of the world. .If you have never taken an enema before, you might be surprised at the range of benefits and good effects it can have:

  • Colon detoxification will leave you feeling cleansed and comfortable.
  • Feel full of life.
  • Prevents fecal matter from being lodged in the colon where it hardens against the colon wall, this often happens with high-fat low-fibre diets, and can be responsible for poor health and a lack of energy.
  • An effective remedy for constipation (which can be an indication of a toxic colon)
  • Hemorrhoid Treatment, Ulcerative Colitis Treatment
  • And many others & hellip;

People use enema for different reasons, but largely there are those looking to use enema for the health benefits of having a clean colon. And those wishing to detox the Liver using Coffee Enema. The kits we supply suit both of these needs perfectly.

Why a home enema kit?

Probably the simplest, cheapest, and certainly the most private way of performing an enema is to use a home enema kit. The kit is a stainless steel bucket/pot, with a tube that is inserted into the colon. This is something you can do yourself, at home, and the whole process takes less than 30 minutes.

A number of clients are on special cleansing or fasting diets (such as the Ultimate Cleanse), and are taking an enema daily. For those who are looking for the feel good effect of enema, once a week, or once a month, or less often is also fine. Part of the reason many people start using enema is to improve their health, so its a great opportunity to start eating more fibre and less fat / sugar which works together with the enema kit to improve overall wellbeing.

Coffee Enema Recipe

Coffee Enema

Always use Dark Rich Organic Ground Coffee or saWilsons Fine Grind Enema Coffee

Temperature is Luke warm. Need be careful not to use hot water. You should be able to put your finger in the mixture and just be Luke warm. NEVER use hot.

Single Enema

2 Tablespoons of coffee

Mix with 1 litre of filtered water

Bring to boil stirring continually

Boil for 12 minutes

Pour through a sieve to strain out solids.

Let cool and add filtered cold water up to 1 litre and until you can hold your finger in without burning

8 Enema Concentrate

2 cups of coffee

Mix with 2 litres filtered water

Bring to boil

Boil for 3 minutes

Simmer for 20 minutes

Pour through a sieve to strain out solids.

Place in 2 litre container. add filtered water to make up to the 2 litres as some will evaporate while cooking.

This is your concentrate. Enough for 8 enema’s

Keep in fridge.

Using Coffee Enema Concentrate

Mix up concentrate well and pour off 250ml into 1 litre container

Add some hot filtered water

Add cold filtered water to regulate the temperature so that you have 1 litre of Luke warm coffee

This is your enema liquid ready to be added to the enema bucket or bag.


Take in the fluid using the enema kit

Clamp of flow when you see bubble or air in the hose

Remove nozzle

Lying on your Right side, hold the liquid in for 15 minutes

It will pay to lie on a towel over a plastic sheet or large plastic rubbish bag

Use hand towel or toilet paper and place appropriately to absorb any leakage

When you feel the urge to expel clamp tight and don’t let it out THIS feeling will pass.

After 15 min and wait if you have a urge until it passes and go to the toilet

Stay on the toilet until you feel all liquid has been expelled. can take another 15 minutes


We have done over 100 Enema each and have never had a spillage or leakage. No mess at all.


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