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Bamboo Salt Toothpaste 120g


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This toothpaste originates from Korea where the Bamboo Salt is made in the mountains by the Buddhist Monks. The Sea-salt is packed tight into bamboo pipes at the knob joints. Form here it is fired nine times in furnaces which are fired with Pine Tree Resin. Pine Tree Resin is a very light white powder which has along with the Bamboo its own medicinal value. The resin is very light and soft to touch its even lighter than talcum powder. On the ninth time the heat is raised to 2000 deg C then the salt becomes molten a bit like cast iron and steel and it is poured into molds to cool. Then it is crushed into different grades from very course down to fine table salt consistency and powder.

The medicinal benefits of taking Bamboo Salt is well known in Korea and often the Monks & Nuns will share their brand with others when they meet.

Korea manufactures Toothpaste that is free of Fluorides and contains Bamboo Salt.

In our household we only use Bamboo Salt Toothpaste. You only need a little each time, it lasts a lot longer and is a healthy choice to make. We selected several brands that are known for their healthy manufacture practices and offer these from our business. Check Cancer Support for these. I am sure your teeth and gums will be glad you did.


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