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Enema Organic Coffee 1Kg


Product Description

1 packet contains 1kg of premium expresso grind organic coffee suitable for coffee enema.

This product is manufactured in New Zealand.

PLEASE NOTE:- This coffee is not for drinking. There is a “Best Before Date” on the package. This is for freshness and drinking. Our coffee will most likely be out of the Best Before Date. If you want fresh and valid Best before date please email me as this will cost extra. We cannot travel or have shipped fresh coffee for enema for this price. It will incur additional costs. SO I want to be clear that the date does not matter for enema use.


There are many different thoughts on coffee for enema and many say the golden coffee from Canada is the best but that opinion is starting change for several reasons including that the company is difficult to deal with, but the main reason is that it is too strong. Personally for me I have tried many different brands and types of coffee and find that Booster Organic Fine Grind is the best available. That is my personal opinion and that of many other people that actually use this coffee in the enema.

We meaning myself, my wife use the coffee enema for detoxing the liver. It is used extensively as part of the program and cancer therapy with the Gerson Institute who has been getting fantastic results and we have the DVD available if anybody should care to purchase. Most of all it works very well to detox the liver and the gall bladder. We both did daily for around 6 months then we felt we could slow down and we now do weekly. Strange as it seems we sometimes have a strong feeling we need to detox, so we have a coffee enema at that time.

I experienced food poisoning and had dysentery, stomach cramps, vomiting and sweats so in between all this going on I managed to do 2 coffee enema’s over a 4 hour period and after the 2nd I was free from those horrible symptoms.

Below is the recipe that we use, to cook our coffee for enema.

Coffee Enema Recipe

Always use Dark Rich Organic Ground Coffee or saWilsons Fine Grind Enema Coffee

Temperature is Luke warm. Need be careful not to use hot water. You should be able to put your finger in the mixture and just be Luke warm. NEVER use hot.

Single Enema

2 Tablespoons of coffee

Mix with 1 litre of filtered water

Bring to boil stirring continually

Boil for 12 minutes

Pour through a sieve to strain out solids.

Let cool and add filtered cold water up to 1 litre and until you can hold your finger in without burning


8 Enema Concentrate

2 cups of coffee

Mix with 2 litres filtered water

Bring to boil

Boil for 3 minutes

Simmer for 20 minutes

Pour through a sieve to strain out solids.

Place in 2 litre container. add filtered water to make up to the 2 litres as some will evaporate while cooking.

This is your concentrate. Enough for 8 enema’s

Keep in fridge.

Using Coffee Enema Concentrate

Mix up concentrate well and pour off 250ml into 1 litre container

Add some hot filtered water

Add cold filtered water to regulate the temperature so that you have 1 litre of Luke warm coffee

This is your enema liquid ready to be added to the enema bucket or bag.


How to Administer an Enema

Take in the fluid using the enema kit

Clamp of flow when you see bubble or air in the hose

Remove nozzle

Lying on your Right side, hold the liquid in for 15 minutes

It will pay to lie on a towel over a plastic sheet or large plastic rubbish bag

Use hand towel or toilet paper and place appropriately to absorb any leakage

When you feel the urge to expel clamp tight and don’t let it out THIS feeling will pass.

After 15 min and wait if you have a urge until it passes and go to the toilet

Stay on the toilet until you feel all liquid has been expelled. can take another 15 minutes



We have done well over 100 Enema’s each and have never had a spillage or leakage. No mess at all.



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