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Cold, Cough, Flu -Away Herbal Remedy


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There is now no need to have to put up with feeling miserable for days and weeks, take time off work and/or miss that appointment or family occasion because you have a cold, cough or flu.  This remedy started many years ago in Korea and was handed down to me by a very famous Korean natural doctor in 2001 who advised me of the powerful healing elements of using herbs and plants as a remedy against our winter  ailments, the Colds, Coughs and Flu’s.

Results are fantastic and consistent. The price is realistic and there is no artificial ingredient or chemicals involved. My family and friends all have been using this with great results.

It is very simply to use and one tea bag can be used to make two cups. You can sweeten with honey if you wish. Just drink this formula and nature will take you back to optimum health, usually within three days.


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