Recovery with Hydro FX


Molecular Hydrogen research is at the cutting edge of medical research investigating scientific solutions to oxidative stress, and the resulting chronic degenerative diseases, accelerated ageing and other acid-base related diseases.

Hydrogen gas and water enriched with hydrogen have being studied at major research institutions as a treatment for neurodegenerative conditions, cancer, inflammatory and allergic conditions. Research is focusing on Hydrogen’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-acid, and epigenetic signalling functions.

Recovery with HydroFX is a patent-pending formula created by Dr. Dusan Miljkovic.

Dr Miljkovic is a veteran scientist with a PhD in Chemistry and over 30 year’s research and development experience in the Pharmaceutical industry with over 15 patents. Recovery with HydroFx is a unique and ultra pure metallic magnesium and mineral formula. When ingested it creates a reaction to release trillions of negatively charged microscopic bubbles of Hydrogen.

Due to its extremely small size (2.4 Angstroms) .24 nanometre (0.24 Trillionth of a Meter), it can spread throughout the body in seconds and penetrate all tissue, cells, and cell components providing rapid protection from free radical damage. Due to its molecular size, it can provide protection to the inside the cells and outside; external surface of the cell membrane (lipid-bi-layer), the extra-cellular matrix, plasma, and all external surfaces of cells, organs, and all tissue.

While intra-cellular defence systems such as the internal antioxidant s and antioxidant enzyme systems can protect internal cellular components. Recovery with HydroFX not only has the capacity to protect intracellular environments and cellular components including the internal antioxidant enzymes such SOD, Catalase and peptide antioxidants such as Glutathione but may also be involved in their epigenetic induction and up regulation via nrf-2 pathway.

All cellular constituents are made with proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, DNA, RNA, and vitamins they can be oxidized not only from internal free radicals but also from toxic loads of environmental toxins we absorb from the external world via air, water, food, and skin/hair products…

Due to Recovery with HydroFx’s nature (low concentration of magnesium), it is safe to be taken by children, pregnant and lactating women, elderly, and those on medications. It is a unique and powerful formula that can be used in conjunction with any other treatment natural or allopathic.

Latest research indicates molecular hydrogen also has nrf-2 activity.

Why is hydrogen generated by Recovery with HydroFX so effective?

  • Extremely high number of negative charges (electron donating)
  • Size (smallest atom)
  • Rapid mobility due to gaseous nature (high collision and reaction rates with free radicals)
  • Functions as a transcription factor (nrf-2 activator)
  • Functions as a signalling molecule.
  • Acid neutralizing effect (i.e. Lactic acid) and therefore alkalizing.

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