Treatments & Protocols

**There are no contraindications with Recovery with HydroFX and any medications. It is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers as well as children. It has been tested safely in therapeutic doses of 25 tablets per day for long-term use**

Recovery is best taken on an empty stomach

Tension Headaches – Start with 2 tablets of RHFX. If no relief felt within ten minutes, take 3 more then take 3 more in three hours.

Migraines – Take 5-8 tablets to start and then 4 every four hours until pain is relieved.

Muscle Spasms – If severe take 5-8 tablets to start and then 3 every four hours.

Mild Spasms – Take 3 tablets three times daily until spasms stop.

Joint Pain – Take 3-5 tablets three times daily until pain is relieved. Then reduce daily amount until a comfort level is achieved with no pain.

Allergies/Hay fever- Take 3-4 tablets three times daily until symptoms are relieved.

Alkalising (Alkalizing in USA) – Take 3 tablets three times daily for one week, then reduce to 1 tablet three times daily.

Check pH (saliva) to see if pH is close to 7.2. (Make sure you spit out saliva 3 times and allow fresh saliva to secrete before testing

Antioxidant – Take 2-3 tablets three times daily for one week, then reduce to 1 three times daily to maintain.

Athletic Performance – Take 6-12 tablets daily for the first month.

-This depends on how heavy you are and how intensely you work out. For best and fastest results, use the top range of these suggestions.

-Daily schedule – Take 1-3 tablets in the morning when you wake up and then 4-6 tablets, 20-30 minutes before you train/compete. Before bed, take another 1-3 tablets.

-After one month, the daily amount can be reduced and maintained at a comfortable level if desired.

Water Treatment – Crush 2 tablets and add to 1.5 liters of water and drink throughout the day. As our water, even filtered or alkaline water is still oxidized: Recovery changes it to antioxidant water.

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